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Salsa please.

For my wife's recent birthday, I decided to finally face one of my long standing fears... salsa dancing. You have to understand that my wife is from Ecuador and in South America Salsa is the most basic dance move that everyone knows. And I've been to Quito, Ecuador now about 7 times and have never danced Salsa at any of the family weddings. Why? I've totally been on it about how I don't like the music, how I don't wanna learn it and that I just don't care about it.

But what if I just did it for my wife? Not for me... for her. That was certainly a breakthrough thought coming from my mostly selfish neuro-command-center... so I called up "By your Side", a local dance school and it so happened to be that there was a class the evening of her actual birthday. And... off we went and I gotta tell you, it was a blast. It was very confronting to be a beginner and dance with some more intermediate partners (all women), yet being vulnerable and just facing up to the fact that I am a beginner and that I am there to learn, showered me with humility. And the end result... it was actually fun and I learned some new steps and my wife and I just smiled all night long... Salsa as a way to intimacy? I think so... stay tuned for further Salsa adventures.

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