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"Love is allowing someone to be who they are and who they are not."

As a relationship coach - as opposed to a therapist or a counselor - I offer a unique mix of pragmatism and personal development. I go beyond merely listening in order to help couples interrupt their harmful patterns, so they can shift from blame, judgement, and resentment back to love, understanding, and partnership. 

Drawing from my own 18-year marriage and over 25 years of transformational development, I teach what I continue to learn via my own relationship struggles.  I am always in the trenches with my clients and I practice the same honesty, vulnerability, and openness I encourage in my clients.

Intimacy is so much more than being physical; It’s what happens when two people feel safe enough to reveal themselves emotionally in front of each other. That can be achieved both in and beyond the bedroom,” I believe.

Whether coaching clients virtually or in-person, individually or collaboratively, my commitment is always to shy clients' children first and my coaching helps my clients grow in all of their relationships and in all areas of life.




Partnership Coaching

- Marriages

- Romantic Relationships

- Platonic Relationships

- Family Relationships

- Business Relationships

Individual Coaching

- 'Self Love' Guide (Relationship to Self)

- 'Dating' Coaching

- 'Creating The One' Coaching

- 'Intimacy with your Dream/Purpose' Coaching

- Life Coaching (General)

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