As a partnership coach, Roman is committed to helping busy couples create harmonious paths forward for the sake of their children—whether they stay together or not.


He has an ambitious goal for 2018: to drop the national divorce rate at least 5% by the end of next year.

His new podcast (You. Life. Love.) and upcoming book (Intimacy Is) feature interviews with a sex researcher, a former porn star, an arranged marriage couple, a former sex addict with bipolar disorder, a cross-dressing school teacher, and filmmaker Tosca Musk (Elon Musk’s sister) to name a few.


An award winning writer/director, recording artist, and podcast host, Roman Wyden has dedicated his life to the exploration of intimacy, playfulness, and authenticity in modern day relationships.  Growing up in Switzerland, he took to various art forms as a medium to sooth his struggle with understanding the true meaning of love. The exploration took him from being a DJ, musical performances on stage, acting for film and TV and eventually finding his voice as an artist at the highly acclaimed Pasadena Art Center. His graduation film was an autobiographical exploration of the sexual awakening between two fourteen year olds. He has since made his name as a commercial and narrative director for such projects as the Eleanor Roosevelt Award winning documentary Ageless Wisdom, the short films 'Max', 'Hiroko' and the short film festival darling 'Ricky Limon'. He is currently developing several short form narrative series as well as feature films and of course recording his weekly podcast “You. Love. Life.”, now on iTunes.


Roman lives with his wife Tatiana and their two beautiful boys in Playa Vista, California.

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