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In order to have the relationship we've always wanted, we need to be able to create true intimacy with a man or a woman. Intimacy isn't about being physical – it's what happens when two people feel safe enough to reveal themselves emotionally in front of each other. It takes two (or more) to create this kind of intimacy.

IT's not sex.

It's not love.

It's not attraction.

It's the willingness to be vulnerable and present, without judgement of self or the other.

Without Vulnerability,   Intimacy can not be created.

In its purest form, Intimacy allows for two or more souls to connect safely in the now.

Intimacy is the essence of love and friendship—a closeness made up of sharing and understanding—of knowing another person and being known. The capacity for intimacy requires a certain confidence and trust of another. When we’re not afraid of being vulnerable, off guard, or not in control, the possibility of intimacy becomes available in a vibrant and alive way, and we experience a freedom to be.

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